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Winter Tyres fitted 

Winter tyres are Not just for snow

1. Winter tyres are not just designed for snow and ice but will help you stop better in wet, slushy or muddy conditions compared to ‘summer’ tyres.
2. Operating temperature
Winter tyres are designed to operate best when the temperature reaches 7 degrees Celsius or below.
3. Don't stop me now
From 20mph, a winter tyre would stop a car 3 car lengths shorter (11 metres) on icy roads.
4. Frost &  snow
For nearly half of winter, the UK has ground frost, starting around mid October. Snow falls for an average of 10 days or more during winter.
5. Snow much better
Winter tyres perform much better in snowy conditions, braking up to 8 metres shorter than a summer tyre.
6. Keep it under control

Winter tyres should be fitted to each wheel, not just at the front or back of the car.Fitting them just to one axle may cause handling imbalances and actually increase the chances of losing control of the car. As seen in our short video clip

7. Wear in mind
Winter tyres may wear at a slightly higher rate than summer tyres, but bear in mind that whilst you’re running around on winter tyres, you’ll be prolonging the life of your summer tyres too.
8. Speed
You do not have to drive slower on winter tyres. Although they tend to have a lower speed rating than summer tyres, the maximum speed will still normally be in excess of UK speed limits. 
9. Keeping it Under control
Winter tyres do not just improve braking distances, but also aid the overall stability and steering of a car.
10.Tyre Hotel
When storing your spare set of tyres, they should be stacked up lying flat on the ground. If you don’t have storage space, You can use Motorcare Service Centres Tyre Hotel facility
11. Summer days
It is recommended you change back on to summer tyres around March when the mornings are warmer. Using winter tyres in warm conditions will increase the wear rate on them dramatically.
12. A good idea
If you have the storage space, consider having a set of winter tyres fitted to a separate set of steel wheels. It will save corrosion to your alloy wheels in winter, and also save on the cost of swapping the tyres over twice a year. You may also be able to fit smaller sized wheels to the car for winter which will reduce the cost of the tyres.

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