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Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Is Ready For Summer

02 May 2017 / Martin Dunne
The weather’s getting hotter, so make sure your air conditioning is up to the challenge of keeping you and your passengers cool this summer!

More than 90% of new cars in the UK now have air conditioning fitted as standard. As we are moving towards the hot weather of summer, you and the passengers in your car will want to use it to keep cool. You may not realise it, but the air conditioning system on your car does need to be looked after. If you don’t service it and have it recharged with gas it may stop working altogether. This could leave you uncomfortable in the warmer months and potentially with a much bigger cost to get the system repaired.

Motorcare have the specialist equipment and expertise to look after your air conditioning. You can book your car in online here to ensure that you don’t have to wait around for a slot to become available. We are able to perform air conditioning re-gas and air conditioning servicing. In addition, we can help to trace any leaks that you might have in the system by using a special UV tracing agent.

Why Re-Gas?

The air conditioning system is a complex one, it uses gasses and liquids under high pressure to take air from the outside, cool it and remove moisture from it and then circulate it inside the car. The gasses can naturally leak out over time, much like the air in your tyres escapes over time. When the gas is not at the correct pressure the system has to work harder, putting it under more strain. In addition, more fuel to work is used for the system to work effectively if it is working harder, costing you money in the long run.  Re-gassing the system ensures that pressures are at their optimal levels so that the air conditioning works as efficiently as possible. We recommend that systems are re-gassed every year and serviced every other year to ensure that they are working effectively.

Why Service?

Having the air conditioning serviced includes a re-gas but does more than just that. Due to the way the system works, it is a breeding ground for bacteria and detritus. Servicing your air conditioning system kills the bacteria and removes any build up in the system while lubricating as well. This stops bad smells from developing and helps the system to run as effectively as possible. A deodoriser is also put into the system to help to combat any bad smells that might remain from the presence of bacteria. We recommend that air conditioning should be serviced every eighteen months to two years to ensure that the system is kept in the best condition.

Motorcare offers both air conditioning re-gas and service options in both Bedford and Leighton Buzzard. You can book your car in online here or call your local branch to book in or for further advice.

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Leighton Buzzard: 01525 372121


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