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Time for new tyres

Four small strips of rubber, each the size of a postcard, are all that stand between you and potentially life-threatening situations on the road. So take care of your tyres. Keep them correctly inflated and replace them when worn or damaged.


1. Check your tread depth

We recommend you replace your tyres when your tread depth is under 3mm for summer tyres and under 4 mm for winter tyres. Anything under that can seriously compromise performance and safety. In all cases the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm. Indicators in the tread grooves show when this level has been reached.


2. Check for damage or irregular wear

  • Uneven wear (on the shoulders or centre of the tread).
  • Cuts, tears or cracks on the tread or sidewall.
  • Impact damage, usually a bulge on the sidewall, especially after driving on rough surfaces.
  • Stones or other sharp objects lodged in the tyre.
  • Damage to wheel rims (which can in turn damage your tyres).
  • Aging tyres. We recommend you have Motorcare Service Centre regularly check any tyres over 10 years old.

All these can cause damage that will compromise the reliability of your tyres. Our recommendation is to come and see us as soon as you have at least one of the symptoms mentioned above.

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